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Arisaema Gallery

Arisaemas or Cobra Lilies are an intriguing addition to any woodland garden.  They have interesting form that changes throughout the season.  From emergence through flowering, to the bright red berries in the fall. 

Above Left to Right: Arisaema candidissimum bulbs, notice the small bulbs on the outer edges of the large bulbs, these will separate to form smaller plants.  Flower of A. candidissimum emerges first before the leaves are fully unfurled.  The leaves of A. candidissimum have a tropical feel to them which making them stand out in a woodland garden. 


  Arisaema fargessi

Arisaema flavum (Owl faced cobra lily) has a cute little flower, but when established the plant can be more than 3 feet tall, making a dramatic statement in the garden.