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Cypripedium hyb PK x MAC ALBA

Cypripedium 'Edie'

'(C. pubescens x C. kentuckiense) x Macranthos Alba'

A few years ago we started doing a lot of experimental crosses with hybrids. Now the plants from those seeds are starting to bloom and the results are quite interesting. We've noticed that when the mother plant (i.e. the plant that makes the seed) is a hybrid, there can be quite a lot of variability and this batch is no exception. This spring there were dark pink, faint pink, white and even a couple yellows similar to pubescens that showed up in the same batch, which makes sense given the parent plants. Instead of trying to sort them out, we're offering them at a reduced price. These are easy to grow given the extraordinary hybrid vigor, but are also a nice plant for the collector.

Zones 4-7. 12-16 in. Light shade, cool, moist, rich well-drained soil.

We are offering Blooming-sized plants with at least one large blooming stem and well developed root system.

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