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Cypripedium fasciolatum x c kentuckiense x c candidum

Cypripedium fasciolatum x (C. kentuckiense x C. candidum)

Cypripedium fasciolatum x (C. kentuckiense x C. candidum)

The cross C. kentuckiense x C. candidum that we made several years ago is one of our favorites, so we have been using it to cross with other plants to make new hybrids. This new offering is one of those crosses. C. fasciolatum is a beautiful large-slippered yellow and crossed with the white kentuckiense x candidum, we get a plant that is a creamy yellow and will likely have a good-sized slipper and burgundy striped hood and tendrils.

Zones 4-6. 12-16 in. Light shade, cool, moist, rich well-drained soil.

We are offering 2 sizes:

  • Blooming-sized plants have at least one large blooming stem and well-developed root system.
  • SOLD OUT Near-Blooming plants have a well-developed root system and are at least 1-2 years away from blooming.

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Available Spring 2020