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Cypripedium kristi lyn

Cypripedium 'Kristi Lyn'

Cypripedium pubescens x C. henryi

Are you looking for CYPRIPEDIUM PUBESCENS? This is the next best thing, possibly even better. "Better than pubescens," you say "how?" Well, it is a very vigorous and lovely hybrid with a large yellow pouch and beautiful light-brown hood and tendrils. It is indistiguishable from Cypripedium pubescens to the untrained and most trained eyes, and, the best part, with henryi as a parent, there is always a possibility that mature plants could have two flowers per stalk. In fact, we saw one in our stock last year!

Zones 3-6. 16-20 in. Light shade, cool moist rich well-drained soil.

We are offering 2 sizes:

  • SOLD OUT XXL Blooming-sized multi-stemmed plants with at least 2-3 blooming stems and well-developed root system
  • XL Blooming-sized multi-stemmed plants with at least 1 large blooming-sized stem and well-developed root system.

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Available Spring 2020
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