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Cypripedium Laila

Cypripedium 'Laila'

Cypripedium macranthos x C. x andrewsii (where C. x andrewsii = C. candidum x C. parviflorum)

Laila has turned out to be a very nice surprise--- the reason why we like trying 'tri' crosses. Its looks are dominated by the macranthos with a medium-sized deep burgundy, streaked pouch. It has deep burgundy tendrils and its vigorous growth habit comes from the mixing of all three forms. It blooms mid-season. This is a rare find and our stock is quite limited.

Zones 3-6. 12-18 in. Light shade, cool moist rich well-drained soil.

We are offering Blooming-sized plants with at least one large blooming stem and well-developed root system.


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