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Cypripedium parviflora

Cypripedium parviflorum var. parviflorum


Small deep yellow flowers with brown veining and long brown to black corkscrew sepals. Often bifloral (two flowers per stem). This small northern form, often called the Yellow Moccasin Flower, will form large clumps over time. They usually start blooming here a little later than Cyp. pubescens with some overlapping. Because it is an overall smaller plant, these can have some smaller root systems so we don't recommend them for beginners. If you've had success with other lady-slippers and are ready to spread your wings, it would be a nice addition to your collection!

Zones 3-7. 12-14 in. Light to part shade, moist rich well-drained soil, with approximately neutral pH.

We are offering Blooming-sized plants with at least one large blooming stem and well-developed root systems.


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Cypripedium Parviflora (side View)
Cypripedium Parviflora (flowering As Bi Floral)
Cypripedium Parviflora (dark Tendrils)
Cypripedium Parviflora (dark Seedling)
Cypripedium Parviflora (blooming Seedlings)
Cypripedium Parviflora 2