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Cypripedium Philipp

Cypripedium 'Philipp'

(C. macranthos x C. kentuckiense)

The flowers of this particular (macranthos X kentuckiense) hybrid are the shape and size of kentuckiense but the color is a soft pink to light purple (darker in cold weather, lighter in warmer weather) and the sepals and petals tend to be a rich burgundy. This is a tall, large-leafed plant that is very heat tolerant and easy to grow. Blooms mid season before C. kentuckiense.

Zones 3-7. 12-18 in. Light shade, cool moist rich well-drained soil, with approximately neutral ph.

We are offering 2 sizes:

  • Blooming-sized plants have at least one large blooming stem and well-developed root system.
  • Near-Blooming plants have a well-developed root system and are at least 1-2 years away from blooming.
Blooming-sized - $38.00  
Near Blooming-sized - $20.00  
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Available Fall 2018
Cypripedium Philipp (cluster)
Cypripedium Philipp (close Up Single)
Cypripedium Philipp (large Group)
Cypripedium Philipp (large Stand)
Cypripedium Philipp (opening)
Cypripedium Philipp (side View Group)
Cypripedium Philipp (side View)
Cypripedium Philipp (strong Veining)