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Cypripedium PK

Cypripedium 'PK'

'C. pubescens x C. kentuckiense'

The pubescens kentuckiense cross is a nice vigorous yellow hybrid that is great for beginner and experienced cypripedium gardeners alike. What one might imagine the flower to look like given the two parent plants' flowers, is fairly accurate. It is a little bigger than pubescens with dark tendrils like kentuckiense, but mostly maintains the pouch color of the pubescens.

Zones 4-7. 12-16 in. Light shade, cool, moist, rich well-drained soil.

We are offering 2 sizes:

  • SOLD OUT Blooming-sized plants have at least one large blooming stem and well-developed root system.
  • SOLD OUT Near-Blooming plants have a well-developed root system and are at least 1-2 years away from blooming.


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