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Cypripedium pkp x ken

Cypripedium 'PKP x ken'

(C. pubescens x (C. kentuckiense x C. pubescens)) x C. ken

This is a quadruple cross with Pubescens and Kentuckiense. It is 1/2 kentuckiense and 1/2 pubescens and has shown excellent hybrid vigor. We haven't seen the flowers on these particular plants, but we can guess that they will be like PK and look more like pubescens than kentuckiense.

Zones 3-8. 14-18 in. Cool, moist, well-drained soil with a mulch cover. Light shade (early morning or late afternoon sun is OK).

We are offering Near-Blooming-sized plants with well-developed root systems that will bloom in the next year or two.

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