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Cypripedium pubescens x pkparv

Cypripedium 'Pubescens x PKParv'

C. Pubescens x ((C. pubescens x C. kentuckiense) x C. parviflorum var. makasin)

We croseed Pubescens with PKParv which is a tri-cross between the three eastern North American yellow lady-slippers. The first cross, PK, has been an outstanding plant from carefully selected parentage. To this, we have added a strong-growing C. parviflorum var. makasin with a deep yellow pouch and dark brown, spiraled tendrils.

The resulting quadruple crosses are somewhat variable plants with medium-sized yellow blooms and a vigorous growth habit. It blooms mid-season.

Zones 3-6. 16-20 in. Light shade, cool moist rich well-drained soil.

We are offering 2 sizes:

  • Near-Blooming plants have a well-developed root system and are at least 1-2 years away from blooming.
  • SOLD OUT Blooming-sized plants with at least one large blooming stem and well developed root system.

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Available Spring 2018
Cypripedium Pubescens X Pkparv 2