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Cypripedium reginae pink

Cypripedium reginae


Elegant rose-pink and white flowers. Blooms here for us in late May into June starting just before C. kentuckiense. Large plants may offer a succession of blooms lasting up to three weeks. Not the easiest of the lady-slippers to grow, but really not that difficult if given the right placement. Native from Newfoundland to Saskatchewan, North Dakota, and as far south as Missouri and Alabama. Historically a disjunct community was reported in western China. In the wild it is usually found growing in cool moist-to-wet neutral or limestone soils in open fens and bog (always above the water table), as well as moist rich wooded slopes and around seeps. When found in wet sites the conditions are highly oxygenated, never stagnant.

Zones 3-7. 18-30 in. Part sun, moist rich well-drained neutral soil that does not dry out. High open shade, cool moist (but not wet or stagnant) soil, with around a neutral pH. We are offering 4 to 5 year old plants that should bloom the first year but may require an additional year.

A tip for handling this plant: The short coarse leaf hairs of the Showy Lady-slipper are reported to cause dermatitis similar to poison ivy for some people. Although we have never had a problem or know anyone that has, care may be advised in handling plants during the summer growing season.

We are offering XL Blooming-sized plants with with at least one large blooming stem and well-developed root systems.

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Available Spring 2019
Cypripedium Reginae Pink (front)
Cypripedium Reginae Pink (garden 1)
Cypripedium Reginae Pink (garden 2)
Cypripedium Reginae Pink (nursery Bed)
Cypripedium Reginae Pink (small Stand)
Cypripedium Reginae Pink (stand)