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Cypripedium reginae albolabium

Cypripedium reginae var. albolabium

WHITE SHOWY LADY-SLIPPER (aka: 'The White Queen')

This is a very rare form of the Showy Lady-Slipper with pure white flowers. It is one of the most outstanding plants we are offering. These are some of the first generation plants from a very strong-growing parent plant. When happy, they will grow into large clumps that will bloom over a period of several weeks.

Zones 3-8. 16-24 in. Part sun, moist rich well-drained neutral soil that does not dry out. High open shade, cool & moist (but not wet or stagnant) soil, with around a neutral pH. The roots of C. reginae tend to grow horizontally just below the soil surface so it is important to keep a layer of mulch around the plants. Root zones of older plants can be as large as three feet round.

We are offering Blooming-sized plants with at least one large blooming stem and well-developed root system.

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Available Spring 2017
Cypripedium Reginae Albolabium (blooming Seedlings)
Cypripedium Reginae Albolabium (nursery Clump)
Cypripedium Reginae Albolabium (seedlings Flowering In Nursery)
Cypripedium Reginae Albolabium (small Stand)
Cypripedium Reginae Albolabium (with Pink Form)