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Cypripedium rita alba x xcolumbianum

Cypripedium 'Rita Alba x xColumbianum

(C. andrewsii x C. parfiflorum) x (C. montanum x C. pubescens)

Rita is a cross between a small parviflorum var. makasin, that we've had around the nursery since the mid 1990s and C. candidum. We've done many crosses with it and here's another one. This time we've crossed her with C. x columbianum which is a naturally occurring hybrid between C. montanum and C. pubescens. So basically, it's a quadruple cross made up of 2 yellow and 2 white lady-slippers. We've only seen a couple bloom and there is some variation. They will likely be a creamy yellow to white with tan to burgundy tendrils and hood. If you're looking for something new with a bit of mystery and a lot of hybrid vigor, this is the plant for you!

Zones 3-6. 8-10 in. Light shade, cool moist rich well-drained soil.

We are offering Near-bloomingplants that have a well developed root system and are at least 1-2 years away from blooming.

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Available Spring 2020