Hillside Nursery

Growers of Lady-Slipper Orchids and select Woodland Wildflowers.

Cypripedium Portraits

 We like the garden pictures of lady-slippers, but every once in a while, individual blooms deserve the spotlight.  This is just a sampling of what we have here at the nursery and we may not have all of these to offer for sale.  These pictures are for your information and enjoyment.   

A couple of our newer offerings on the Left is Cyp. 'Gabriela' a cross between C. kentuckiense and C. fasciolatum.

Right: A cross between C. kentuckiense and C. candidum

Left to right Top Row: Cypripedium 'Aki Pastel' and Cypripedium 'Gisela Pastel'

Bottom Row: Cypripedium 'Annegret' and Cypripedium 'PKP2' (a Pubescens crossed with a Pubescens Kentuckiense cross)



Top Row: Cypripedium 'Lothar Pinkepank' but we just call it PK, and Cyrpipedium 'Michael Alba'

Bottom Row: Cypripedium 'Philipp' and Cypripedium 'Rita Alba'


Cypripedium 'Ingrid' and Cypripedium 'Victoria' are two nice Yellow lady-slipper options.


Cypripedium californicum and Cypripedium henryi are both very difficult to grow, but we like to try to keep them around for their pollen.  They make very interesting crosses. 


The Family Portrait. 

The number is to left of the stem of the flower when it can be.  Click on the photo to see a larger image. 

1. Cypripedium kentuckiense   2. Cypripedium 'Aki'   3. Cypripedium 'Gisela Pastel'   4. Cypripedium 'Rascal' 

5. Cypripedium 'Philipp'   6. Cypripedium 'PKP x andrewsii'   7. Cypripedium kentuckiense   8. Cypripedium 'Aki Pastel'

9. Cypripedium 'Laila'   10. Cypripedium kentuckiense   11. Cypripedium 'Victoria'   12. Cypripedium 'Sebastian'  

13. Cypripedium 'Annegret'   14. Cypripedium candidum   15. Cypripedium 'Michael Alba'   16. Cypripedium parviflorum

17. Cypripedium 'Lothar Pinkepank' 18. Cypripedium 'Rita Alba'   19. Cypripedium 'Laila'   20. Cypripedium 'PKP'  

21. Cypripedium 'Ingrid'