Hillside Nursery

Growers of Lady-Slipper Orchids and select Woodland Wildflowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We ship plants twice a year, Spring and Fall. Most plants are sent dormant and all are ready to be planted. We include growing instructions with each order.

  • During Spring, we typically ship during the first two weeks of April though weather can influence the actual timing. Planned shipping dates are posted on our Ordering Info page. Check our website in mid-December for our Spring offerings. We usually accept orders until late March.

  • During Fall, we typically ship during the first two weeks in October. Fall is our main shipping season and when our largest selection of plants is available. Again, see our Ordering Info page for planned dates. Check our website in June for Fall offerings. We usually accept orders until late September.

Several Orchids, such as these Cyps, are available via mail-order.Website Update Notifications:

  • To receive a reminder note of when our web site has been updated, just send us your contact information.
    We send very few emails (usually just two) each year.

Adding to An Existing Order:

  • See our Ordering Info page for details on how to add to an existing order.

Ordering from Outside the United States:

  • Hillside Nursery will ship plants anywhere in the U.S., except Hawaii and Florida. Sorry, no foreign sales.

Visiting Hillside Nursery:

  • We are a small, very busy production nursery and are not open to the public.

Indoor and Greenhouse Plants:

  • The plants we sell, including the Cypripedium orchids, are meant to be planted outdoors in the ground as described on our Tips For Growing page. They require a cold period during the winter. We do not recommend attempting to grow them as indoor plants or to winter them over in a warm greenhouse.
  • These are NOT tropical orchids.

Deer and Lady-slippers:

  • Here at the nursery we don't have problems with deer eating the lady-slippers. However, if deer are accustomed to eating out of your yard, then they are likely to eat the lady slippers. Deer will eat nearly any plant if they are hungry enough. However, we've heard that planting Monkshood (Aconitum) or Delphinium can help deter deer because they make the deer sick. This is something to consider planting near ladyslippers if you have a deer problem.


  • We sell plants and do not sell seeds.