Hillside Nursery

Growers of Lady-Slipper Orchids and select Woodland Wildflowers.

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Here at the nursery, we are too busy to have well tended and manicured gardens.  We like to do mass plantings of plants that compliment each other and let them go a little wild.  If you would like to see a larger and expanded picture, click on the photo. 

 Above are a couple pictures of our hillside garden. Yes, we are actually on a hillside!


Clockwise from top left: Blue and yellow Anemone nemerosa with some fuschia bleeding heart. 

Glaucidium palmatum 'Alba' planted with yellow Stylophorum diphyllum (wood poppy).

Maidenhair fern planted with Syneilesis aconitifolia (shredded umbrella plant), a Cimicifuga in front, and Rubus odoratus (thornless raspberry) in upper right. 

Maidenhair fern planted with Caulophyllum thalictroides (blue cohosh), a Polemonium (Jacob's ladder with blue flowers) and some Aconitum (monkshood) on the periphery. 


Left to right: Disporum flavum (Korean Fairy Bells) underplanted with Asarum canadense (Canadian ginger). 

A Paeonia japonica (Japanese woodland peony) with Polygonatum commutatum (giant solomon's seal) above and Gentian asclepiadea (willow gentian) and an epimedium below. 


Left to right: Two varieties of Phlox divaricata cover the woodland slope in early spring. 

Cypripedium pubescens (Large Yellow Lady-Slipper) in the foreground with blue Corydalis and red Aquilegia canadense (Eastern Columbine).


Two images of spring emerging.

Above left a Woodland peony emerges through some blooming creeping phlox.

Right: Podophyllum hexandrum 'Majus' or Himalayan Mayapple blooms as it emerges and the leaf unfurls.

Pink Dicentra or bleeding hearts bloom over a clump of ferns in early spring.

Henry the nursery dog watches over everything from a perch between some Aralia racemosa and ferns.


We grow a wide variety of plants that we sell to garden centers in western New England in addition to the plants we sell online.  The pictures below are of our small but efficient nursery. 


Looking down from the top of the hill to the lower greenhouses and shade house in early spring.  A half a dozen raised beds are laid out on a plateau about halfway down the hill where we grow any number of plants.



Plants in the shade house in early spring before deliveries. 


Perched on the top of the hill is the shade house with the Cypripedium raised beds.


A raised bed of Anemonella Thalictroides (rue anemone) in full bloom.