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Hepatica Gallery

 Hepaticas are our new favorite plant at the nursery.  They are a great addition to any shade border or rock garden.  We are currently building a collection of named forms of Hepatica japonica that we are very excited about. 

Hepatica acutiloba

Hepatica acutiloba or sharp-leaved hepatica can range in color from white and light pink to blue, lavender and dark purple.  White is the most common and what you're likely to find in the wild.  Here at the nursery, we focus more on the colored forms.


 Hepatica henryi

 Hepatica henryi is a white-flowering hepatica with sweet bell shaped flowers when it first emerges.  The flowers open up as the foliage comes up.  It can form a nice clump loaded with flowers.

 Hepatica japonica

Hepatica japonica offers an outstanding and variable mix of pinks, blues and purples and the leaves may be heavily patterned.  Photos below are just a few examples of what we have around the nursery. 

Hepatica japonica 5 Hepatica japonica 4
Hepatica japonica #2 Hepatica japonica #8

 Hepatica maxima

 Hepatica maxima is a great plant with large fuzzy leaves.  It will make quite the statement in your garden.


Hepatica nobilis

Hepatica nobilis is another great hepatica.  Its blue flowers will add a pop of color to any garden.