Hillside Nursery

Growers of Lady-Slipper Orchids and select Woodland Wildflowers.

Trillium Gallery


Trillium are some of our favorite things to grow here at the nursery.  This is just a sampling of what we have. We may not have all of these to offer for sale.  These pictures are for your information and enjoyment.    


Left to right: A close up of Trillium recurvatum.  Trillium cuneatum.



Trillium erectum and Trillum flexipes


Trillium grandiflorum in a raised bed with some pink forms as well.  A bed of Trillium grandiflorum 'Floro Plenum' or Double flowering trillium.


 Trillium luteum rise up above some polygonatum.  More Trillium luteum in a bed with some Syneilis upper left. 


Sometimes the bees help the different varieties of Trillium cross with themselves to create some beautiful and mysterious hybrids.