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Cimecifuga japonica 'Cheju Form'

Cimicifuga japonica 'Cheju Island Form'


This superior form came from Darrell Probst. It offers compact foliage and prolific flowering. In early spring, the foliage often emerges with a purple hue before turning green. In late summer, a single mature plant can produce 12 to 15 graceful white spikes of flowers. Clearly the best of five subforms we have grown over the years, and the most resistant to leaf spots.

We are offering blooming-sized plants grown in 1/2 gallon pots.

Zones 4-7. Foliage 12-14 in., flower stems 4-5 ft. Shade to part shade, moist rich soil.

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Cimecifuga Japonica 'Cheju Form'  (nice Patch)