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Trillium simile

Trillium simile or flexipes


We're not quite sure whether these are T. simile or T. flexipes. Over the years they've been identified by different people as one or the other. Over the years we've always had them mixed together, so it is possible that you will get one, the other or a hybrid of them both. But they are both so similar we feel it is OK to sell them together. T. simile, as its name suggests looks similar to both T. erectum var. album and T. flexipes. It has a large creamy white flower with a dark purple ovary. Trillium flexipes, on the other hand, has a white or pink ovary, but has the same cream colored flowers. The parent plants of these seedlings are 20 in. tall with a leaf span of 12 to14 in.

We are offering 4-year-old Blooming-sized to Near blooming-sized bare root plants. Please note these are grown from seed at the nursery and because of that, about 5% of the plants are turning out to be some sort of hybrid with very nice deep purple flowers or purple streaked with white instead of white. We try to separate them, but sometimes, a few sneak by us.

Zones 4-8. 7-20 in. Full/dappled shade; moist, humus-rich, soil.

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