Hillside Nursery

Growers of Lady-Slipper Orchids and select Woodland Wildflowers.

Cypripedium parvifloraWe are a small nursery, plant culture lab and research facility specializing in the propagation and production of lady-slipper orchids (Cypripediums) and woodland wildflowers of the temperate forests of the Northern Hemisphere. Since 1989 we have been developing propagation and cultivation techniques for this unique group of plants in an effort to make these plants more available to the public. We are pleased to offer this beautiful collection of plants for your shade garden.

As a small nursery, we're committed to a hands-on approach with the work we do, and to taking the time and care needed to grow and ship high quality plants that are hardy and ready for the garden.

Grow some of the world's most beautiful lady slippers and other wildflowers in your own garden this year! Now you can order direct from Hillside with the assurance that your plants are raised in 100% nursery conditions...Never Wild-Collected!


Spring ordering is now closed. 

 Ordering for fall will begin in early July

Spring shipping weeks are dependent on when spring arrives here at the nursery. If spring comes early we may need to move shipping up a bit and if it comes late we may delay shipping a bit.  We will have a better idea if this is going to happen as spring gets closer.

**Plants are sent bare-root and dormant. If your order arrives before the ground is ready for planting, the plants may be safely held in your fridge for a week or so. **

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